Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween

It looks like we'll have some decent weather for halloween night.  Barring a random shower, the kids will be out in force tomorrow night.

For those new to the city, since we're mostly town houses, the kids don't really go around buzzing apartments.  Instead, we come to them.  Those giving out candy become porch sitters for the night, greeting trick-or-treaters on our front steps.

Aside greeting the kids, this can be a great way to meet your neighbors!  Take this opportunity to say hi to the folks next door that you may only see in passing.   Or combine a few houses onto one stoop and make an evening of it.  (the kids just want candy, they don't care where you live  :)

And if you have kids of your own, don't forget about the annual Ringgold halloween gathering, which takes place Wednesday from 4:30-6.  "Enjoy a potluck of savory refreshments and grab a glow stick before parading out of the park for trick-or-treating along adjacent streets. Please bring something savory to share and join in the fun."

In either case, have a fun Halloween, and make some new friends!!!

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