Monday, November 04, 2013

November Business meeting


Our next business meeting Wednesday, November 6th,  6:30-8:30 at the Boston Ballet 5th floor board room (Corner of Warren & Clarendon)

Usual meeting format:

6:30-7 - Neighborhood Networking.   Meet your neighbors in an informal setting.
7-8:30 - Business meeting.

On the agenda this month:

  • NA Planning - What do you want to do?
  • Open Member Discussion

We had planned to have 80 East Berkeley come to the meeting, but they have cancelled.   We are trying to re-schedule.

Neighborhood planning continues this meeting!   We had a lot of great ideas last month, and we'll be building on these.

Street Captains - A great suggestion from last meeting.  Each street would have a 'point person' who would be the liaison for the street.   Get to know the neighbors.   Be a contact point for the NA.  Encourage membership and expand NA visibility.  Maybe coordinate events like street cleanups.    We already have a few volunteers.  Maybe you can help us out!

Committees!  Time to get some ideas and activities form you the residents!!  We've got some ideas for committees that will give you a chance to do more for the neighborhood and get involved!!    Some committees we'd like to form:

  • Neighborhood Improvements - How can we make our neighborhood shine!  Educate people about trash.   Organize cleanups.   Work with the city on hot spots for sidewalks/street repairs.  Maybe even start new beautification projects!
  • Social Events - We had so much fun at the pot luck, you wanted more!  Bi-annual pot lucks.   neighborhood nights at local restaurants?  Dinner club?  Wine club?  Monthly 'stoop night'?   Maybe a welcome wagon for new residents?   What fin things can You think of??
  • Safety - Work with the NA, BPD and street captains on neighborhood safety.   Attend BPD crime meetings.  Organize neighborhood walk-throughs with BPD on how to make doorways and alleys safer.   Maybe fundraise for alley lighting and numbering.  
  • City Liaison - work with us as we meet with different city agencies and politicians to keep the NA/City connection alive and productive
  • Membership - work with the Treasurer to help promote the NA and boost NA membership
  • Local Business - help re-establish the NA relationship with local businesses.   Let them know who the NA is and how we can benefit from each other.  Welcome new businesses.  Maybe have businesses speak at the NA.   Work with local businesses to sponsor events and activities.

Come to the meeting with great ideas as we kick off Member Involvement!!  Let's get some committees together and plan for a great year!

And a reminder, if you haven't yet renewed your annual membership, head to the ESNA Membership Page.  There you can renew on-line with your credit card, or print out a membership form to mail in with a cheque.

Hope to see everyone there!

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