Tuesday, September 10, 2013

South End Trash meeting: W, 9/11

A reminder that there is a meeting this Wednesday (9/11) to discuss the trash pilot program.

As I've announced at several meetings, an area in the western South End has been doing a trash experiment.   They were not allowed to put trash out until 11pm the night before trash pickup.   In June there was a public meeting where those residents said the streets were a little cleaner, but 11pm was too late.   At that time, the pilot program was continued, but with the earliest time you can put trash out moved back to 9pm.

On Wednesday those residents will be allowed to comment again on how they believe the pilot program worked with 9pm pickup.   If the City/Public Works receives positive feedback from those residents, the 9pm trash put-out time program will be expanded South End wide.   At today's meeting of South End NA leaders, a vote was taken to support the extension of the 9pm time.   The city will take all these feedback into consideration when making their final decision.

If you would like to hear those residents' feedback on the pilot, or would like to comment on the change in put-out time, please join us at Wednesday's meeting.   (Everyone has many trash concerns, but this meeting will be limited to a change in put-out time.  The city is having a multi-neighborhood meeting on trash collection on October 9th - more information as it becomes available)

Wednesday, September 11
South End Branch library (Tremont & W Newton)

An article on the meeting was also in the South End News.

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