Monday, March 04, 2013

Lights! Cameras!

Hollywood is going to do a bit of filming in our neighborhood in about 2 weeks.  ABC (network) is going to be filming inside a Waltham street home for a new TV series.

On March 13-15 and 19-20 they'll be setting up and taking down the location.  Only one or two trucks those days, so not too many parking spaces taken.  They'll basically be furnishing and then de-furnishing the building.

Filming will take place on Monday, March 18th.  For that day they'll be taking up the most parking spaces of the shoot.  Many of their production vehicles will be on Washington street or on Harrison ave (where they are also filming), so we won't have the whole 'fleet' of movie making trucks you usually see invading Waltham street.

Feel free to contact us if there any issues related to the filming.  We'll post any additional information as it becomes available.

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