Monday, February 11, 2013

Clear those hydrants

First off, two thumbs up to all fellow Eigth Streets neighbors.   Lots of clean sidewalks today, with the sun melting what little we had left.   Hopefully the rain won't flood the streets and sidewalks Monday night.

I did notice a few hydrants could use some more work.  Just begin able to see the hydrant isn't enough.  The photo on the left shows a hydrant not cleaned off well enough.

Fire fighters need to be able to connect a hose to any of the three connections.   That means you need 2-3 feet CLEAR on either side.   Enough for a fully equipped firefighter can get there and work to attach equipment.  

We also need a path from the hydrant TO the street.   Access from the sidewalk to the hydrant isn't enough.  The hoses need to run form the hydrant to the trucks.   if firefighters have to waste time digging their own way to the hydrant, critical firefighting time is lost.

If you see hydrants today that need more access around them, or need a path to the street, please do a little more shoveling.   We need to be prepared in case the unthinkable happens...

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