Friday, December 28, 2012

Local crimes: remember to Call 9-1-1 when you see something

Sgt. Provenzano of BPD area D4 gives us an update on some neighborhood security issues (below).

This is a reminder for everyone to call 911 when you see suspicious behavior on our streets.  Even if it's not an emergency, call 911 and let them know something is going on.  (See this previous blog entry with more detail on how Boston 911 works.)

When calling, remember to give as much detail of the situation, and as details a description of the people as you can.   If you don't feel safe calling right away, remember the details and call when you feel safer.  Details like number of people, type and color of clothing, ethnicity and build can help police locate people if they've moved on from where you saw the suspicious activity.    Remember, if you're on a cell phone, 911 will connect you to the state police.   Program 617-3434-911 into your cell phone to be connected directly to Boston 911 dispatcher

From Sgt. Provenzano:

After two daytime residential burglaries on 12-27-12 (one on Milford Street & the other on Dwight Street), officers made an arrest of a burglary suspect on Chandler Street this morning(do in large part to the immediate 911 call by a witness & a great description as well as an officer being on scene as the call was coming in). It is unknown at this time if any of these incidents are connected. However, we would like to take this time to remind residents to be vigilant and to immediately notify 911 of any suspicious behavior that they observe. You are our eyes & ears and we need your timely 911 calls.

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